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Serving Johnston and Wake Counties


All of us need help at times in our lives. Sometimes challenges just become too much for us to handle on our own.  HARP is here to help.  Hope and Restoration Pathways provides professional Christian counseling to individuals and families who need someone to come by their side and help them through the difficulties or challenges of life.  It would be our privilege to partner with you to help you find hope and restoration.  


We believe that no problem is too complex for God's love to overcome. Our faith-based approach draws from traditional Christian values and beliefs in order to facilitate personal growth and healing.  We rely upon sound therapeutic techniques and principles as well as proven Biblical principles to enable people to overcome their challenges with God's help.  Lora Williams, the founder of HARP, has seen many peoples' lives changed over the past 20 years through this faith-based approach to counseling.


Our licensed, experienced counselors are qualified to provide services to all age groups, including children and teens.  HARP counselors provide individual counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling services for a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, traumatic life events, domestic violence, divorce, parenting, grief, substance abuse, among other issues.  


HARP therapists utilize numerous therapeutic techniques in order to assist the client toward the ultimate goal of healing and restoration.  The majority of adult clients will benefit from a traditional talk therapy approach to counseling. With younger clients HARP clinicians will utilize play therapy and structured activities to allow children to naturally open up and talk about their feelings. Preteens and adolescents often also respond well to certain forms of play therapy.  Application of scripture to specific areas of need is especially helpful as well as prayer for the client offered by the clinician.





HARP's private office is conveniently located close to I40 in Garner, NC, a short drive from most places in Raleigh, Cary, Clayton, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Wendell, Knightdale, Smithfield, Apex, and WakeForest.


Our Address is 

HARP Christian Counseling

310 New Fidelity Court

Garner, NC 27529


Phone: (919) 793-6445





Lora Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of counseling and community social work experience and an undying passion to help others.  She founded Hope and Restoration Pathways out of a vision to serve the local community by offering Christian counseling. 


Lora has worked with many individuals and families over the last 25 years and has successfully assisted clients facing all sorts of crises and challenges including depression, anxiety, divorce, parenting issues, marital distress, substance abuse and dependence, domestic violence, mood and thought disorders, PTSD, traumatic life events, adjustment disorders, development disorders, grief and bereavement, and end of life issues. Lora is qualified to provide services to individuals of all age groups. She is known to have tremendous compassion for her clients and makes them feel comfortable by relating to them in a relaxed manner.  She has a keen gift for identifying the underlying issues and helping clients find practical solutions to their problems.  As part of the assessment process Lora may utilize any number of well-known assessment tools to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing the client.  With children, Lora may utilize play therapy in order to facilitate communication between the child and the therapist. 


Lora graduated with honors from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology in 1989.  From her graduating class of 1989 at ASU she was chosen as the Outstanding Student in the Psychology Departent.  She attended Southwestern Theological Seminary for a time and then later graduated with a Master's of Science in Social Work in 1993.  She is qualified to provide individual, family, and marriage counseling.  


As a Christian counselor who values the application of Biblical truths and principles to the therapeutic process, clients who receive counseling services from Lora can expect to have faith incorporated as an integral part of their therapy.  When appropriate and welcomed by the client, Lora will utilize prayer and scripture application during therapy sessions.  Lora believes that each therapy session can be a tool to create a safe atmosphere for the client to experience the love of God.  Pain and brokenness can often produce spiritual bitterness and rejection of God's love, but within the supportive atmosphere of therapy, Lora believes that individuals can begin to experience the depth of God's love for the them and gain a better understanding of their worth and value within that relationship.


Prior to founding HARP, Lora worked in various counseling and social work roles with various ages and various populations including working for many years with a group of 24 churches in Fort Worth, Texas as the Director of Christian Social Ministries.  This outreach provided tremendous support to that local community and the provision of Christian counseling offered alongside practical assistance became a large part of the success and growth of this ministry.  


Lora has been happily married to Steve Williams since 1988 and has 2 grown children.  In her spare time she loves to spend time with her family and friends and garden.  She also loves animals, especially her dog, Bo.





Life can be complex, and sometimes you find yourself in the midst of overwhelming stress. You may be seeking counseling for any number of reasons, but we understand that the emotional pain and suffering you are experiencing is very real. You may be experiencing  emotional pain and impairment in your life as a result of:

  •        substance abuse,
  •        grief over the loss of a loved one,
  •        health problems,
  •        financial instability,
  •        loss related to aging,
  •        relationship or marital issues,
  •        past traumatic events,
  •        symptoms related to mental illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, among others.


At HARP our counselors believe that help is available and that healing and change is possible as our compassionate and caring staff work with you to find solutions to life's problems. Healing of the whole person-emotional, physical, and spiritual-is central to finding solutions that last and enable you to experience the satisfaction, joy, contentment, and peace that God intends for your life.


In addition to counseling in the Clayton office, HARP clinicians may at times provide counseling services in the home of the counselee. While availability of this service will be limited, HARP believes that there are times when counseling is needed but travel to an office may be impossible  for homebound individuals. HARP will work with the counselee to negotiate a travel fee that makes this service accessible.


HARP clinicians accept most major insurance plans and insurance benefits will be confirmed before your first visit so that you will be aware of your expected fees.  For those unable to pay the standard fee for counseling services, HARP will at times offer charity care services or utilize a sliding fee scale.  Please complete the financial assistance application found under the forms tab.





All of the staff contracted or employed by HARP are committed Christians who are dedicated to providing counseling that is compassionate, Biblical and life changing. There are many facets to our approach to counseling that makes it different than the traditional secular approach. Our counselors desire to integrate Biblical wisdom with therapeutic approaches to problem solving in such a manner that our techniques are both mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healing.  


As Christian counselors we understand that everyone coming to HARP for help comes with their own history in regards to a faith experience.   We understand that faith is not a part of everyone's life and will accept this person where they are while attempting to assist this person in finding the love and help of God. We also understand the diversity of beliefs within the various Christian traditions and denominations, knowing that we each come to God along a unique path as He draws us into a relationship with Himself.





As the name suggests, individual therapy is all about the patient as an individual. People seek professional help for various problems,mental illnesses, and traumatic life events,  Our therapists are prepared to assess each individual's need for counseling services and develop an appropriate treatment plan.


Therapy sessions typically last about 50 minutes and the frequency of appointments will depend on your specific treatment plan. Regular attendance is strongly recommended for the fastest path to recovery.


When you enlist our services, you can expect to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion. We provide a warm, safe and comfortable setting and encourage you to work through issues at your own pace. But you will also be challenged and engaged -- only through hard work can we overcome the burdens of the past and look to a brighter future ahead.




Marriage is a wonderful gift from God but it can be challenging for two unique people with different needs to live as one. Our therapists are committed to helping you overcome the challenges that have developed in your marriage which have led you to seek marriage counseling.  You will receive affirmation and support as you work toward change as a couple.  Both spouses will be asked to participate in sessions.  You can expect to receive guidance that will lead to successful changes.  The work is up to you and your spouse to rebuild your relationship in a healthy manner.  


Your successful marriage impacts more than just your life, particularly if you have children.  Strong marriages are central to healthy families and the nurturing of children. We encourage each marriage partner to evaluate the investment you have made into your marriage before seeking divorce and dissolution of many years of intimacy.


HARP staff are enthusiastic about marriage and believe that with God's help, forgiveness, and commitment, most problems can be overcome when both spouses are equally devoted to marriage restoration.


HARP staff will also provide premarital counseling to couples seeking to enrich their marriage from the start.



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