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Here we provide several forms in PDF format for downloading directly from our site.  Many of these forms are useful assessment tools that will help your therapist in evaluating the nature of your challenges.

Restoring Life's

Beautiful Music

Hope and Restoration Pathways

A nonprofit Christian Organization Providing professional Counseling services

Hope and Restoration Pathways is a nonprofit Christian Counseling agency offering a faith-based approach to emotional healing and personal growth. Our distinctive approach draws from traditional Christian values and beliefs in order to facilitate healing and restoration.  While this approach will be familiar and comforting to the Christian who values faith, it is also often welcomed by the individual seeking a greater understanding of God but who has yet to define their understanding of His role in their life.  Christian counseling differs from a strictly secular approach to counseling in that the Christian therapist does not only rely upon sound therapeutic techniques and principles to facilitate change in the individual or couple, but also relies upon Biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit for direction and discernment when addressing areas of concern.


All of us need help at times in our lives, and we believe that no problem is too complex for God's love to overcome.  The goal of our licensed counselors is to provide professional Christian counseling services that draw upon sound Biblical principles and rely upon the work of the Holy Spirit to accomplish complete personal and spiritual transformation. We understand that the challenges of life can become too much for you to handle on you own, and we desire to partner with you to seek restoration and healing during difficult times.


Christian Counselors at HARP are qualified to provide services to all age groups, including children and teens.  HARP counselors provide individual, marital, and family counseling services for a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, traumatic life events, domestic violence, divorce, parenting, grief, substance abuse, among other issues.  


HARP therapists utilize numerous therapeutic techniques in order to assist the client toward the ultimate goal of healing and restoration: play therapy, art therapy, traditional talk therapy, intercessory prayer, and application of scripture, among other approaches.  With younger clients in particular, HARP clinicians will utilize play therapy and structured activities to allow children to naturally open up and talk about their feelings.  Preteens and adolescents often also respond well to play therapy.  For adults who find verbal expression of their emotional struggles too painful, HARP clinicians may utilize art therapy modalities.  The majority of adult clients will benefit from a traditional talk therapy approach to counseling.


At HARP we believe that each person is like a hand-crafted stringed instrument uniquely created by God to make beautiful music with their individual song.   Sometimes our instrument ends up with some broken strings. Our hope is that HARP can help repair those broken strings to enable peoples' lives to make beautiful music again.


HARP's office is centrally located in Clayton, North Carolina and serves individuals from Johnston, Wake, and Harnett counties.   Our office can be reached within twenty to thirty minutes from many locations within the cities of Selma, Smithfield, Garner, Benson, Princeton, Knightdale, and Raleigh.

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