Client Forms

Here we provide several forms in PDF format for downloading directly from our site.  Many of these forms are useful assessment tools that will help your therapist in evaluating the nature of your challenges.

Restoring Life's

Beautiful Music

Hope and Restoration Pathways

A nonprofit Christian Organization Providing professional Counseling services


All of us need help at times in our lives. Sometimes challenges just become too much for us to handle on our own. HARP is here to help. HARP is a nonprofit Christian organization that provides Professional Christian Counseling to individuals and families who need someone to come by their side and help them through the difficulties or challenges of life. 


HARP is centrally located in Clayton, North Carolina and serves individuals and families in Johnston, Harnett, Wilson, and Wake counties.  HARP's office is within twenty minutes of Smithfield, Selma, Benson, and Raleigh.


Everyone involved with HARP has at some time in their life been in need of hope and restoration.  We believe that no problem is too complex for God's love to overcome.  That is the reason for all that we do. HARP's primary mission is to serve the local community with the love of Christ in every endeavor undertaken by HARP staff or volunteers.  


Service is central to fulfilling the mission of HARP.   HARP's fundraising  projects will be aimed at raising funds for the purpose of maintaining a Client Assistance Fund to enable us to provide counseling services to all who need our help but simply cannot afford to pay for these services.  (Because HARP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, contributions to this fund are tax deductible.)  At times we may maintain a waiting list for these reduced fee services.  We utilize a charity care application process to determine fee reductions. 


Christian Counselors at HARP are qualified to provide services to all age groups, including children and teens.  HARP counselors provide individual, marital, and family counseling services for a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, traumatic life events, domestic violence, divorce, parenting, grief, substance abuse, among other issues.  


HARP therapists utilize play therapy techniques and structured activities when working with our younger clients.  Parents may be requested to complete a questionaire or an assessment to provide additional information about their child's coping or behavior.   


When working with adults, therapists at HARP will also often utilize assessment tools to gain insight into your challenges and to assist with diagnosis.  Several of these tools are found under the forms tab. 


We believe that each person is like a hand-crafted stringed instrument uniquely created by God to make beautiful music with their individual song.   Sometimes our instrument ends up with some broken strings. Our hope is that HARP can help repair those broken strings to enable peoples' lives to make beautiful music again.



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